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Astor Explorations Corp. is a mining and exploration company dedicated to acquiring, exploring and developing major mineral properties throughout North America.

The company's goal is to focus on existing properties that have the highest potential for output, maximizing potential for desired results. Astor is also committed to controlling production costs, which in the long-term, adds additional value to its assets and interests.

Astor Explorations Corp. offers risk-capital investors the ability to take advantage of a unique industry that has the ability to offer opportunities, even during volatile market conditions. The company strives to generate long-term shareholder value by employing a team of highly specialized experts who concentrate on developing existing sites, as well as securing new opportunities for further development utilizing capital allocation analysis.

Astor explores and develops major mineral properties with a particular focus on the Red Lake District, one of the most significant mineral producing regions in North America.

In uncertain economic times, gold has traditionally been regarded as one of the top "safe havens." From gold coins to complex structured financial products, gold is widely regarded as the standard for all precious metals. With this in mind, Astor is committed to dedicating much of its efforts researching, exploring and mining for this precious natural resource utilizing some of the most advanced geophysical technologies available.

We invite you to browse this site to learn more about Astor Explorations Corp. If you have any questions or would like to be in touch with one of our company representatives, please feel free to contact us using our web contact form page.




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